“Warmly welcome each other into the church just as Christ has warmly welcomed you.” - Romans 15:7


‘We exist to help people experience a life-giving relationship with Jesus and for that to positively impact their lives and the world around them.’


St Matt’s aims to fulfill this vision by helping people to:


    • Personal Journey - Enabling each person to be excited about their personal faith journey.

    • Sunday Services - Meeting together weekly for celebration, preparation and inspiration.


    • Small Groups - Gathering in midweek communities to grow in wisdom, friendship and faith.


    • Join the Adventure  - Helping people discover their God given purpose.


    • Dream Team - Providing opportunities to find fulfilment through serving.


To actively engage and welcome every person attending St Matthias enabling them to experience the warmth, love and welcome of God and feel welcomed, connected and incorporated into the body of Christ.

  1. Leadership - Actively model the Vision, Mission and Values of St Matt’s.

  2. Welcome - Be the first point of contact and impression for guests attending the church.

  3. Set Up / Pack Down - Set the church for services and events.

ROLE RESULTS - Ensure every guest attending St Matt’s experience something of Jesus’ warmth, welcome, generosity and love and help people find a home in the St Matt’s family.

ROLE COMMITMENT - Welcome Team Members are asked to commit for ONE term or ONE year serving at ONE service per month. Ideally serving at the same service each month for consistency and team friendships and pastoral care. There might be other events during the year that the Welcome Team are asked to help with.


  • Welcome - Welcome guests with genuine interest, warmth, smiles & enthusiasm

  • Blessing - Look for opportunities share faith, bring to faith, pray, release spiritual gifts, encourage guests and help to enable them to join the St Matt’s adventure

  • Set up - Set up & pack down chairs, flyers, giving envelopes, pens, info desk, flags

  • Toilets - Ensure toilets are clean and well stocked with toilet roll and towels.

  • Support - Encourage and support the Team Pastor, Team Leader and other Welcome Team Members

  • Development - Input ideas for team and church growth and development

TEAM TIMINGS - At Sunday services we follow the timings below:


08:30 - Arrive & Set Up Church (chairs/handouts)
09:15 - Dream Team Admin & Prayer Gathering
09:30 - Serve with a smile
10:00 - Service begins (serve latecomers)
11:30 - Service Normally Ends (if not before)
11:30 - Serve with a smile
11:45 - Begin Clearing & Tidy Up
11:55 - Finish Tidying (chairs/flyers)
12:00 - Team Debrief/Prayer/Leave


16:30 - Arrive & Set Up Church (chairs/handouts)
17:15 - Dream Team Admin & Prayer Gathering
17:30 - Serve with a smile
18:00 - Service begins (serve latecomers)
19:30 - Service Normally Ends (if not before)
19:30 - Serve with a smile
19:45 - Begin Clearing & Tidy Up
19:55 - Finish Tidying (chairs/flyers)
20:00 - Team Debrief/Prayer/Leave

TEAM CARE - As part of the Welcome Team and wider Dream Team we want to invest in you, care for you and see you grow in your faith, friendships, life and leadership. As well as experiencing God’s joy and team friendship as you serve with and for God and others you can also enjoy:

  1. Pastoral Care & Supervision - Pastoral Care is available from your Team Leader or Team Pastor by request. There will also be one formal supervision/review meeting per term.

  2. Welcome Team Gatherings - Termly whole team meetings (x3 a year) for feedback, friendship, fun, training and envisioning.

  3. Dream Team Party - our annual Dream Team Party. It’s the party of the year!

DREAM TEAM HONOUR CODE - ‘Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God.’ (1 Peter 2:17) We’re not a great fan of contracts or legalistic expectations but we do believe in honouring God, each other and everyone as part of the Dream Team at St Matt’s by taking responsibility for our  personal life, behaviour and the church. We’d love every member of the Dream Team to confidently say…

  1. Story & Purpose - I have completed the JOIN THE ADVENTURE SESSION and read about the ‘Story’ and ‘Purpose’ of St Matt’s and, with God’s help, will endeavour to play my part in fulfilling our church’s vision.

  2. Values - I have read and agree that the St Matt’s ‘Values’ are a great way to flourish as a follower of Jesus and, with God’s help, will endeavour to uphold them for the honour of God, myself and others.

  3. Grace - I agree that no Christian or church is perfect — we’re all on a journey — therefore I will be quick to forgive and will be proactive in maintaining relationships rather than harbouring resentments.

  4. Honour - I agree that whilst no Christian is perfect, I will try my hardest, with God’s help, to take responsibility for my faith and exhibit mature Christian behaviour and refrain from things that might cause Jesus to grieve and others to stumble. If I’m struggling with (for example): drunkenness, anger, gambling, dishonest gain, swearing, gossip and sexual immorality, I understand that certain areas of service and leadership might not be appropriate for a season, and I will seek help from my church community and any professionals that may be required.

  5. Example - I understand that I am a vital part of the body of the church, so when I find myself in positions of responsibility I will be reliable, punctual, prepared and will choose to take on an attitude of joyful service and enthusiasm.

I have read the role description *
I agree to the honour code *
What is your service preference? *
I would love to commit to this team for: *

By filling in the above form, I understand that St Matthias will contact me, store & process the above data with respect to my application for the welcome team at St Matt’s.