Join us from September 2019 to July 2020 as an intern at St Matthias, Plymouth. The internship is an intentional year to invest in your calling, leadership and life. Each intern will have a primary ministry area of responsibility as well as getting a wide range of ministry and leadership experience.

As an intern you will spend 3 days a week with us (including Sundays & Wednesdays) which are made up of:

  • Attending weekly staff gatherings

  • Ministry area placement

  • Active involvement in Sunday services

  • Leadership Development programme

Internship placements:

The boring but important stuff:

  1. The 2019/20 Intern programme will run from 9 Sep 2019 to the end of Focus 2020 (end of July/beginning of August).

  2. Interns come to St Matthias Plymouth as volunteers rather than employees and the relationship between the church and the Intern is one of mutual trust rather than contract.

  3. Interns will not be charged for the Internship nor will they receive financial support from St Matt's. If an Intern needs to move into the area to take part in the programme, the church will try to give some help to find suitable accommodation but cannot be held responsible for this.

  4. Interns will normally be expected to support themselves from part time employment.

  5. If not an EU resident the applicant will need to be in possession of any necessary work permits before submitting an application. International applicants will not be considered if relying on a student visa to remain in the UK and will need to arrange all visa permissions by themselves.

  6. The Intern will be responsible for finding their own employment in the area. The church will work with the Intern to fit the church work around the employment except that the Intern is required to keep 3 days free to work in the church (including Sundays and Wednesdays).

  7. Interns will be expected to live within easy travelling distance from the church.

  8. Interns will be expected to be fully committed to St Matt's and the Leadership team for the duration of the Internship which will include regular attendance at Sunday Gatherings.

  9. The church work will involve varied daytime, evening and weekend hours including fesitvals and special events.

  10. Interns will be encouraged to take 20 days holiday (or equivalent hours) during their Internship plus Public Holidays plus the period between Christmas and New Year (26, 27, and 28 December).

Further information and how to apply:

If you have any questions or would like to know any further information, please email Hannah at info@stmplymouth.org.uk.

Applications for our 2019/20 internships are now OPEN! Applications close Monday 1 April 2019.

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